We will always stand behind our work and warranty your computer accordingly from 6 month on software related Repairs, to 12 - 24 month on hardware repairs. We will treat you like family at our shop and take care of your equipment like it is our equipment. We have the most Competitive Prices for Computer Repairs. We offer a Lowest Price Guarantee and we stand behind it and will honor it at any time. We will always go that extra mile, to help you and make sure you are satisfied. We will give you life-time tech support and help you with any tech related issues you are having with your computer.  

Not sure what is wrong with your computer?  
Don't Worry. We got you covered with our 100% Free Diagnostics. Get it checked Free, you will be surprised how much money you can save by getting your computer repaired.
Cracked laptop screen? 
You would be surprised how cheap and fast you can get this fixed. We fix all Laptops Pc and Mac and all screen sizes.  We carry replacment screens in stock to help you fix this the on same day.
Did you Catch a virus or adware?  It happens to everyone, even the most tech savvy people catch viruses. However there is a cure that will keep your files (pictures, documents, music...etc) safe at a very low price. 
Do you own a Mac Product?
Yes Macs also get damaged like any other computer. However viruses are a lot less common on Apple computers. We Upgrade Macs as well, we can install windows on your Mac system along with mountain lion as a parallel OS,we can increase your Ram so it performs faster, if you need more space we can clone your hard drive on a bigger drive so you don't lose a single file or program.
Booting Problems?  
This is very common due to bad sectors on your hard drive or improper shutdown and can be fixed very quickly (1 day or less).
Blue screen of death?  
This can be frustrating especially if it is an intermittent problem. This is mostly due to hardware problems but is not always the case. Give us a call we will check it for free.